Who we are and why we do what we do

Conceived from a passion for craft beer and founded on the principles that everyone should have access to the market, our founder rented a warehouse, bought a truck, and started selling craft beer.  He put it all on the line for the “little guy”, and to bring quality 100% American craft beer to the greater Baton Rouge area.

Creating a craft beer universe in craft beer desert is no easy task.  Our team is comprised of brand builders, top notch sales people, and over all cool dudes, selling and building your brand along with you.  We invest ourselves in your success as it is closely tied to ours.  We maintain the little guy approach as we compete against the mega distributors in our market.  Customer service, education, and the desire to be better than the rest is what drives the Pelican ethos.

Knowledge for our stakeholders, disrupting the market, and helping consumers discover new choice and selection in beer is the Pelican way. We work hard to keep your beer fresh so your experience is maximized. We live by the FIFO (First In First Out) method, ensuring the only beer in our warehouse is super fresh. Make sure to honk when you see our trucks around town and pick up some craft beer to challenge the status quo!

Current Distribution Area

Our Locations

Located just outside the city limits of Baton Rouge, in East Baton Rouge Parish, Pelican Craft Brands uses it’s central location to service accounts throughout the Greater Baton Rouge Area.