At Pelican Craft Brands, we don’t have vendors or suppliers, we have partners and customers. All we are is the final step in the process of bringing great craft beers, distillates, and non-alcoholic beverages to market.  Producers work hard and risk it all for their passion, and we recognize that, which is why we take such great care in delivering the freshest product available to our customers.  


Southern Craft Brewing Company

Southern Craft Brewing Company  – Baton Rouge, LA

Southern Craft is known for their incorporation of ingredients from the south in every beer they produce. Joseph Picou and Wes Hedges, both engineers and avid home brewers, won silver at the 2011 National Home Brew Competition in San Diego before setting out and starting Southern Craft. Southern represents who they are, what they believe in and most importantly where their ingredients are harvested. With brews containing ingredients ranging from Louisiana honey to Carolina malt.

Huckleberry Brewing Company – Alexandria, LA

At Huckleberry, beer may be their specialty, but they thrive on building a better community. Central Louisiana is their home, and they take every opportunity they can to make it a better place. They have been, and will continue to be happy to work with and support local non-profit organizations that share their desire to build a better Alexandria. With beers like Trail Dog Tangerine Wheat, River Boat Razz, and Three Card Stout, they stay true to their city and never disappoint.

Istrouma Farms Brewing

Istrouma Farms Brewing – St. Gabriel, LA

Set in the picturesque small community of Bayou Paul, Istrouma Farms is brewing up something big. Istrouma experiments with locally cultivated ingredients to craft beers brewed off the land.

All Relation Beer

All Relation – New Orleans, LA

All Relation is a different brewery, with a different approach.  All Relation meaning everything related and connected, is a feeling that they hope the brewery embodies and encourages.  With emphasis is on variety and pushing boundaries, they have an ever-changing beer selection cycling through batch by batch. 

Paradox Beer Company – Divide, CO

Where modern brewing processes collide headlong into ancient brewing techniques. Every beer that Paradox Beer Company produces is barrel-aged and bottle-conditioned. In 2012, Jeff, Brian and David, equipped with over 30 years of combined professional brewing experience, founded Paradox Beer Company. Paradox Beer Company produces original and rare beers which honor the uncertainty of nature bound with rigorous quality testing, providing one-of-a-kind flavors that could only be produced by Paradox.

Rally Cap Brewing Co

Rally Cap Brewing Company – Baton Rouge, LA

Just when things might be looking down for the home team, it’s time to throw on the Rally Cap! A superstition? Well maybe…but more than that, it’s a sign of unity and teamwork, a symbol that everyone is working together towards the same goal. Whether you’re playing or you’re just a fan, there is always a strong desire to be part of something bigger. Rally Cap Brewing Company was born out of this desire to create its own “something bigger” – a community of beer drinkers and fans…

Established in 2017, Rally Cap opened its doors to the public on December 14, 2019.

Ology Brewing Company – Tallahassee, FL

Ology Brewing Company is an experimental brewery, where they create small batch ales that let the wild, funky and maddening flavors of beer converge. Ology believes that microbes are magical and taste is transcendent. That’s why they constantly work to revive old-world recipes, research ingredient combinations and experiment with new techniques to give you a higher quality beer experience. Ology Brewing Company is where Art & Science combine.


Cafeciteaux Coffee Roasters – Baton Rouge, LA

Cafeciteaux roots go deep in Louisiana.  Constantly improving their craft, Cafeciteaux has a roast style that is all their own and the coffee speaks for itself. Roasting only specialty grade coffees and maintaining a detailed selection process has kept Cafeciteaux on top leading the specialty coffee industry in Louisiana.